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The Bistro

The Bistro is one of the Lozenets' symbols. It was created in 1992 yet and established as one of the best inns in the region, thanks to its good cuisine and excellent service. The Bistro creates a different atmosphere – combination between tradition, summer emotions, home comfort and meeting with pleasant people. All that makes you return back here, every evening, as the jack-knifes come back, built a nest in the very restaurant. Yes! Really the man and nature feel good here, they feel the comfort, strength, that makes them return here again.



The menu comprises mainly Bulgarian kitchen, selected drinks and naturally – unique specialties prepared by our master-cook. The variety of fish dishes, drinks and airs and graces is rich. Look at the full menu and welcome to taste its temptations.



The regular clients as well as the guests of Deskoni's place receive VIP card which gives the discount and accommodation priority in the Bistro.


Gala days

In the Bistro you can celebrate your gala day, anniversary, wedding or baptism. We have enough seats in order to invite your relatives and friends.