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Far away from South, far away from the noisy city life you will find a quiet place for your rest. In the beautiful Lozenets you will find everything which makes a holiday adequate and unforgettable – beautiful nature, incredible beaches, sports and tourism opportunities.

At our place in Deskoni's you will be given a special attitude, you will feel yourself in the spotlight. Torn away from the hurried daily round, enjoying the holiday and the moments with your family and friends, you will not do without the facilities you have accustomed.

The comfortable apartments will give you comfort, every morning your favorite newspaper shall be served to you with the breakfast. Your favorite meal shall be cooked with love in the Bistro, which is part of our complex. The permanent Internet connection will give you the opportunity to relate your friends the wonderful moments you experience in Deskoni's place and Lozenets.

Welcome, make sure that all this is possible – here in Deskoni's place.